Masport Lawnmowers Available from Mid Hants Mowers in Alton, Hampshire


Masport Rotarola RRSP

Within the five model range of Rear Roller Alloy decked mowers the RRSP is the smallest and lightest. With a 18" cutting width and 10-70mm cutting height this machine is suitable for the smaller lawn yet still capable of an excellent striped finish all the way to the edge. The Briggs and Stratton XVS series 675 190cc engine is capable of mowing in wet/damp conditions and is not hindered due to the full width rear ejection channel. This 46cm/18" Rotarola model can also be used without the fabric 54.5 litre catcher as the steel flap allows grass to be discharged to the rear.


Masport Rotarola RRSP 22"

The 54cm/22" self-propelled Masport Lawnmower combines the excellent striped finish of a roller mower with the efficiency of a rotary mower. The beauty of having a rear roller is that you can mow over the edge of your lawn without tipping the machine, as the rear roller acts as a stabiliser. This Masport Mower with the wider 54cm/22" cutting width and alloy deck is capable of mowing the largest of lawns quickly and efficiently. All of the Masport Lawnmower Rotarola range are fitted with cam locks to easily fold the handle down and the Quickcut swingback blade system is designed to protect the crankshaft from damage should the blade strike a solid object.


Masport Olympic 500 Cylinder Mower

Masport Olympic 500 Cylinder MowerFor precision cutting performance and value for money the Olympic 500 cylinder mower will create a manicured look with its 20" cutting width on the medium to large lawn. This Masport mower with steel front rollers and the ability to achieve very low cutting heights 7-30mm, for manicured lawns with the "Wimbledon Stripe" effect from the rear roller, the result is nothing short of an absolutely professional finish.

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