AL-KO Lawnmowers – Electric and Petrol


AL-KO Comfort 40 Electric

From a range of electric lawnmowers the Comfort 40E featuring a 40cm/16" cutting width for the larger lawn up to 600 square metres, this 1400w machine is capable of collecting with a 43 litre grass collector, or just insert the mulch plug to finely cut grass clippings into a nitrogen rich mulch, which is returned to the lawn as a natural fertiliser. You can conveniently and centrally change the mowing height with a single hand movement and the new extra large rear wheels protect the lawn and provide optimal mowing comfort, making these AL-KO Mowers a superb all-rounder for the smaller garden.


AL-KO 46BR Comfort petrol Lawnmower

From a range of AL-KO Comfort petrol lawnmowers the 46BR Comfort is a superb all-rounder from AL-KO Lawnmowers, featuring power drive and 280mm high wheels it covers medium to large lawns up to 1400 square metres quickly and efficiently, whether you are collecting using the 65 litre grass collector with automatic fill level indicator or mulching with the easily fitted mulch plug. All these features are easily powered by the Briggs and Stratton series 450 41/2 horse power engine.


AL-KO 520BR Premium petrol Lawnmower

From a range of Premium petrol AL-KO lawnmowers the 520BR for larger up to 1800 square metre lawns or longer grass this 6.75 hp Briggs and Stratton powered AL-KO Mower has the 4 in 1 function allows cutting, collecting, mulching and side discharge. The side discharge feature designed for meadows and orchards, long grass can be cut and quickly discharged from the side of the cutter deck, reducing the risk of stalling. The new 55mm wide wheels Premium AL-KO Lawnmowers protect the lawn and ensure optimum mowing comfort. Powered XXL rear wheels ensure optimal traction even in tall grass. You can conveniently and centrally change the mowing height with a single hand movement. Adjustments are made easily with the aid of a spring support from 30-80mm cutting heights.

Electric and Petrol Lawnmower Sales

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