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In the last year we have seen sales rocket as our customers discover the benefits of using Aspen fuel to power their machinery.

Best Fuel for Machines and People

Aspen is an alkylate petrol that has significant health and environmental benefits when compared to ordinary petrol.

Better for the user, the engine and the environment

Normal petrol contains hundreds of different substances, many of which have a harmful effect on the environment and the health of the user.

Aspen alkylate petrol is more or less free from dangerous components such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur and ‘cracked components’. As a result, Aspen produces significantly lower air emissions than ordinary petrol making it safer for the user and the environment.

Our customers often comment on how much better they feel after using machines run on Aspen compared to machines run on ordinary petrol.

What’s more, a cleaner fuel means that the build up of harmful deposits inside the engine is minimised helping to maintain the engine’s performance

Longer lasting

Ordinary petrol starts to deteriorate in a matter of days and over a few weeks will lose its volatility. Poor starting because of ‘stale’ fuel is a very common problem for engines run on ordinary petrol.

Aspen alkylate petrol can be stored for 3 – 5 years without any deterioration in its quality.


Aspen 2 is a pre-mixed 2-stroke alkylate petrol which avoids ‘mixing mess’ and gives the user the reassurance of knowing that the mix is exactly 50:1 every time.

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